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You Smell

Luxury and personality finally co-exist with our natural bath and body products.

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Megan Cummins [ Emeryville, CA ]

Entry Essay/Bio: 

Who says you can’t be classy, luxurious, and have a great personality? These all-natural products turn the mundane things you use every day into something you look forward to.

My name is Megan Cummins, and I started You Smell in college as something for me and my girlfriends who love great smelling products and appreciate witty humor. Almost overnight word spread to all of the other like-minded women out there - from the London Sunday paper to Allure in the US. There was an unmet need for girls who liked luxury, but were real people with a need for products that excite them. Even Audrey Hepburn had a sense of humor!

A bar of soap is now a conversation starter at a party. A bottle of lotion isn't a static gift that's instantly set aside anymore. They're statement pieces that beg to be interacted with, creating a memorable experience and the perfect gift.

Companies started calling in asking where they could buy our products, and soon after, abc's Shark Tank came knocking. It was a hit on the show and, as you can imagine, things started booming for our little soap company. My fiancé and I are filling a need in the marketplace: high quality products with personality.

Now we just need the funding to help us get properly set up. And this contest would be a phenomenal help.

Please help our new business get a great website!!