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PureFUN! Inc.

PureFUN! Inc. Making the world Better for Kids

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Kaylee Davis [ Lawrenceville, GA ]

Entry Essay/Bio: 

It starts with one...
One prayer ~
One act of selflessness~
One commitment to act~
One team with unwavering resolve~

PureFUN! is a Child Care Food and Supply Distributor with a big vision… to be "better for kids".

It all began with PureFUN! Juice in 1999, but our roots in the childcare industry go back much further. After owning and operating multiple childcare centers for several years, PureFUN! owners, Todd and Carol Harrison, took their insight and understanding of challenges facing today’s professional childcare provider into the world of service and supply.

There’s no doubt that our juice products were a hit from the start. The delicious taste, the wide variety of flavors and cost-effective pricing programs were certainly big parts of the success. If you listen to our customers, it has always been our excellent service that has helped us stand out from the rest. So we expanded our inventory to include a host of cleaning, food, apparel and paper supplies that are an everyday concern for directors.

Our objective is simple…provide the same level of service that Todd and Carol expected as childcare center owners.

We are inspired more than ever as we turn our focus to being “Better for Kids”!

To make this vision a reality, we've marshaled our resources, energy and focus to create a non-profit called Better for Kids.

Better for Kids is a global organization established to grow God’s Kingdom and provide love, hope and spiritual renewal. We serve the needs of refugees, children and the downtrodden through: charitable giving, micro-enterprise, youth based programs and infrastructure development.

To fund Better For Kids, PureFUN! has adopted a "profits for a purpose" model, which feeds revenue from company sales to initiatives that have a sustainable impact on the lives of kids and those who care for them. PureFUN! has been a primary contributor to projects in Egypt, Ethiopia and the United States.

Our on-line store,, will play a major role in generating the funding necessary to keep our current initiatives going and extend our reach to encompass additional under-resourced areas.

For the past two years, we have worked to create and build-up traffic for our online store. Recently, we had a professional eCommerce consultant audit our site and make recommendations for modifications and strategic enhancements to help our site become more profitable. One of the major things noticed was a deficiency in telling our story. Our vision and desire to be “better for kids” is so important to us. Our web presence needs to magnify that visually and let our potential customers know who we are and what we stand for. We want our customers to know that their purchase goes to help kids all around the world.

In addition to better communicating who we are as a company, there is also the need to equip our web store with features that build up customer retention and stimulate cross-selling. Just as we have a desire to be better for kids, we also want to be better for our customers by providing unique and unexpected care once we have a relationship established with them. We have many ideas in the area, but need help implementing and bringing them to life on our website.

We have come a long way in the past two years of our journey with We have so much further to go. Time is of the essence. We've come as far as we can with our current systems and need your help to get to the next level.

We ask for Brand Labs' help to create an equation of hope, love and renewal.

PureFUN! + BrandLabs = Sustainable Impact