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An Open Letter to Fast Company

Dear Fast Company,

The Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative applauds your sponsorship of the 2012 Build-A-Business Competition.  We believe in the power of ecommerce as a critical tool in the global battle to bolster the struggling consumer economy – a belief that we apparently share with you.  That belief not only led to the founding of the EEDI, but to the creation of our ecommerce grant competition.

... and that’s why we’re writing.

Your contest and our contest launched within days of each other.  With your status as the preeminent voice of online business (and business in general) we had hoped to receive some attention in order to help us spread the word about our efforts.  We’re hoping that even now (in the wake of our nearly concurrent debuts) you’ll still see fit to give us a bit of attention.  We are, after all, working to support the same community, and even though an argument could be made that our contests are in some ways “competitors,” it bears noting that the EEDI’s partners have all put aside their concerns about competing services in order to support the cause.  We hope that you’ll do the same.

Thank you.

The Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative

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