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About The EEDI Win a $25,000 Service Grant

The Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative Wants to Save the Economy One Business At A Time - Starting With You!

The first thing that you need to know about the Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative is that we are wholly dedicated to ecommerce. Of course that might be clear just from our name, but it's important for us that you understand the depth of our commitment.

We love ecommerce because it allows you to buy a vintage Saved By The Bell lunchbox from a specialty store in Stockholm at 3 AM while you lounge comfortably on your couch in your underwear. We love ecommerce because it is one of the very few sectors of the economy that has seen consistent growth throughout the recession. We love ecommerce because it allows you to take your basement business worldwide, or you can take your worldwide business and send it right to your customers' basement. In short, we believe that ecommerce can and will save the economy.

Founded by Brand Labs in early 2012, the EEDI is an alliance of ecommerce professionals who have joined forces to provide support to the online retail, wholesale, service and manufacturing communities. In conjunction with Volusion, PowerReviews Express, Grasshopper, AutoResponderMax and Olark, Brand Labs has created a centralized resource for emerchants, operating under the strong belief that helping the community helps us become better at what we do. When ecommerce itself is strong, so are we. When we are strong, we serve the community better. As the community gains strength, so does the economy. So, (applying an extremely loose interpretation of the transitive property) since strong ecommerce leads to a stronger economy, ecommerce will ultimately save the world. It's pretty simple science, really.

So how will the EEDI help to save the economy (and, subsequently, the world)? That's a darn good question. Well, we're going to start by choosing two established and deserving businesses and helping to guide them to their next, natural level.

We're seeking out companies who do what they do very well and we intend to help them become everything they imagined they would ever be. We'll be doing that by providing all the expertise, services and resources any business would need to create (or upgrade) their online presence. We'll be choosing those two companies through our 2012 EEDI Ecommerce Grant Competition.

The competition is pretty simple. We'll be choosing two different winners. One winner will be an existing business that's already on the Volusion shopping platform, because even with a great start like that, there's always space to go up. (Perhaps a store redesign or some custom programming?) The other winner will be chosen from a much larger group - all other businesses. Honestly. If you have a business, you qualify for consideration. Manufacturers, wholesalers, service providers, online merchants on other platforms, brick & mortar businesses with no online presence at all all are eligible. Basically, if you have a business in the USA, you qualify to enter.

Each winner will receive a prize package worth over $30,000 in ecommerce services. The details about the prizes can be found on our FAQ page. There, you'll also find out all the details you need to know in order to enter the competition.

To learn more about the sponsors of the Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative, please visit our sponsors page. It's a veritable who's who of online professionals who have banded together for the first time in history in order to work for the greater good ñ to build a better economy through ecommerce!

Join the fight today!

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