The Winners Of Our 2012 Ecommerce Store Contest
RaveReady Urban Wood Goods

Two businesses will be chosen to win one of two $25,000 ecommerce service grants to enhance
their ecommerce presence and, in turn, improve the world economy - with ecommerce!

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Well, just because you missed your opportunity to vote in our contest doesn't mean the fun is over! Feel free to look around, put your feet up and have a drink on us. Then, when you're relaxed, learn about our gracious sponsors below and contact us with any questions.

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Adunni Designs

Oye Atilade,


Raymond Stone,

Bike Werx

Val Snider,

Master Fog LLC

Vince Camerano,

House of Radha

House of Radha,

Laabn Social Haircare

Laabn Social Haircare,
Latest From The Blog

Important Ecommerce Contest Update

August 14


Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative Extends “Win a New Store” Contest

The Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative (EEDI) has extended the entry period for its currently-running contest, in which entrants can win a complete online store.

Rochester, MI - Brand Labs, the founding member of the Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative, announced today that they would be extending the entry period for the EEDI’s first nationwide competition.

The contest was originally set to end in August, but in response to requests from potential entrants, the deadline to enter has been moved to November 16, 2012.

A Call to Action for All Business Owners

August 13

In another poster from our ecommerce propaganda collection, the EEDI urges you to provide clarity in directing your customers where you'd like them to go on your site.  We're going to take our own advice and direct you to enter our contest today!  You could win the Volusion store you've been dreaming of - designed, developed and optimized for big business!  Don't waste another minute!  Enter now!

Product Reviews Serve the Greater Good

August 07

ecommerce propaganda by the Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative - Product Reviews

Ecommerce is a participatory democracy.  Do your part by sharing your opinions with your favorite online merchant.  Only you can prevent bad purchases.


An Open Letter to Fast Company

July 23

Dear Fast Company,

The Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative applauds your sponsorship of the 2012 Build-A-Business Competition.  We believe in the power of ecommerce as a critical tool in the global battle to bolster the struggling consumer economy – a belief that we apparently share with you.  That belief not only led to the founding of the EEDI, but to the creation of our ecommerce grant competition.

... and that’s why we’re writing.

Bad Navigation is an Abomination!

More Ecommerce Propaganda From the EEDI

July 11

Strictly speaking, today's propaganda poster has more to do with web design in general than ecommerce specifically, but some advice is simply universal.  No matter what sort of website you have, you'll want to keep your navigation clean and easy to understand... and if you happen to win our Ecommerce Grant Contest, you can use part of your prize to remove the snarls from your site map!  Visit our propaganda page to download our other posters or you can sign up right now to be on your way to a chance at over $25,000 in ecommerce service prizes!

Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative

Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative - Official Contest Launch Press Release

July 05

Logo for the Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative


Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative Awards Over $60,000 in Prizes

The Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative (EEDI) will award two separate ecommerce service grants in 2012 – each worth more than $30,000 – in their first-ever ecommerce grant competition.

From the EEDI Ministry of Information

June 28

Abandoned Cart propaganda poster by the EEDI


The Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative is a full-service philanthropic organization.  In addition to our ecommerce service grant contest, we also provide helpful ecommerce propaganda to the online business community - free of charge!  Visit our propaganda page to download posters, desktop wallpapers and The Ecommerce Effect infographic.

Welcome to The Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative

June 28

Logo for the Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative -

Thank you for your interest in the Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative.  If you're reading this, it's likely that you are either an emerchant already or you're considering the boundless benefits of online commerce.  Either way, you've come to the right place.

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